Make your content come to life with powerful audio and video. 

Audio Production

Producing eye and ear-catching media can help you in a variety of ways, from promotion to training and sales.

We offer "classic" multimedia services:
Along with video production for instructional purposes we specialize predominantly in audio recording and editing services:
-Audio and MIDI recording
-Audio editing and mastering
-Music production
-Remixing and arranging
-Production of short sound tracks, audio clips, and audio effects 

Concept development end text editing, incl. optimization for audio
-Acoustic treatment and adaption
-Post production, incl. error and timing correction, splicing, and over-dubbing
-Special effects
-Clip organization and management

Spoken Word Recording

We specialize in vocal recordings--equally for use with other media (e.g., voice-over/video narration),  and as independent products (e.g. audio books).

Typical applications include:
- Instructional video clips (e.g. software training)
Audio books
- Audio descriptions of visual contents
- Video voiceovers
- and many other areas

We cover all aspects of your spoken word recording needs, from concept to post production work.   This includes ready-to-use segmentation and complete processing of audio files. 


Video Editing and
Post Production

We work with you to create professional video content that can be used as a marketing tool and to educate your audience.  Whether it's a case-study,  a commercial,   an information video for your website or for social media--we assist you with making it a reality.  
We specialize in narrative structure, editing, and post-production, to make raw video material come to life and focus it effectively to the intended purpose.  These are some of the steps: 
-Evaluate and select scenes
-Build story line
-Edit raw footage
-Color correction
-Add title/banner graphics, watermarks
-Create or add intros/outros

We further specialize in audio editing for video, including music, narration/voice-over,  dialogue,  and sound effects.

Video Tutorials

We create online tutorials for screen-based content of various nature, both for use on the internet and for CDs/DVDs in CBT and similar instructional purposes (e.g., software training, general computer use, even commented forms and technical manuals).  

This includes every step from initial concept to generating creative digital content.  You provide the raw content (regardless whether it is as basic notes or as a detailed script). We realize your ideas for you. 

We produce your on-screen tutorials in a variety of formats and integrate them into your web pages as well as directly into online-/WBT systems and/or CBT media for you. 


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