Professional Web Development
Bring your information to the public--professionally, and with little fuss. 

Professional Web Development

Our Web development and Web design services include:
-Complete Web sites of any size, radically tailored to your content
-Professional, business-oriented design: no over-the-top online toys, no elements that are not strictly in line with your predefined objectives of your Web presence
-Practically any conceivable design can be realized. 

We can leverage nearly any technolgy available today in the design of of your Web site--from static HTML documents all the way to the most complex content management systems currently on the market.  

Most importantly:  We work "mobile first" to make your site function perfectly on any device. 

Interactive Online Communities

We implement, customize, and manage professional forum and online discussion / community systems for you.

While providing a community platform is a highly effective marketing strategy for your business, managing such a system is not a trivial affair.  Most people underestimate the effort, expertise, and time required to keep a complex systems running and, moreover, to keep it fresh and "well-oiled," both technically as well as in regard to content and structure.

We bring expertise in all those areas to the job and can keep your online community both up-to-date and running smoothly. 

Web Site Management

Maintenance, upkeep and updating, as well as continuous adaption to emerging standards, conventions, and regulations - all of these services are available as part of our various Web site maintenance packages, fully tailored to your Web site, your marketing concept, your audience, and your budget.

Site maintenance - Regular content updates, continuous visual upgrading, and periodic technology checks.

Continuous technological adaptation - We bring your Web site up to speed in latest technology. We convert static pages to dynamic pages, install content manage-ment systems, and implement a wide spectrum of contemporary features.
Conversion of existing Web pages from outdated versions to the latest  standards. 

Accessibility adaptation - We bring your Web pages in line with current regulations.  

Newsletter/Mass Mailing Systems

An online newsletter system lets you comfortably create, manage, and send newsletters and other mass mailings. User registration/sign up happens via a frontend that can be seamlessley integrated into your web site.  

We implement, customize, and manage complete newsletter systems that adhere to all legal "double opt-in" requirements. Recipients must explicitly agree to receipt of mails;  may cancel receipt of mails / membership at any time;  are given secure access to a panel that lets them manage their contact data.  If needed, we can also organize your mass mailings and manage the system for you.

This includes:
- Generate mail templates suitable to various types of recipient mail clients
- Manage user data, import and export data from differnt systems
- Manage returns and bounces 


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