Areas of Specialization

Areas of Specialization

At, we deliver a spectrum of transformative IT and technology services, from XSL/XSLT-based data conversions for digital and print applications to bi-directional Compiled Help Systems; comprehensive data analytics and business intelligence services; and dedicated IT support tailored for small businesses.

Compiled Help - CHM Services

We CREATE Compiled Help documents, manuals and help systems, and we CONVERT existing CHM documentation and help systems to contemporary formats like HTML5, Markdown, PDF and XML.

Expert XSLT Programming Services

We specialize in transforming complex data into efficient solutions, be they digital process components or finished, user-oriented products. Let us redefine how your business interacts with data, one transformation at a time....

hypertexxtCMS Knowledge Management

hypertexxtCMS is a semantic, highly flexible, fast, super-lightweight, and 100% text/XML-based content management and website creation system that can be adapted to fit most needs and purposes.

Innovative Solutions for Qualitative Data

Are you involved in qualitative research, analyzing text, image, and video data? If you use software packages such as MaxQDA, NVivo, Dedoose, ATLAS.ti, F4analyse, QDA Miner, Quirkos, or Transana, you will know that these programs support the REFI-QDA...

Data Engineering, Data Analytics + Business Intelligence

Your company or organization generates data of various kinds in your business activities, but so far hardly puts them to use or uses them only in isolation because their consolidation is difficult and complex. We can help you unearth the treasures hi...

Concierge IT Services

Tech + IT concierge service for small businesses. Web, data, digital systems, even content and online ads... We keep all digital parts moving. We handle your everyday tech tasks for you so you don’t have to. And your business can thrive....

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